Allied/Affiliate of the Year

Runs until Feb 12, 2023

Runs until Feb 12, 2023


Honors an individual Affiliate/Allied member who has consistently volunteered their time and has made a significant contribution to NABOR.

Nominations should be based on the following criteria: Lifetime contribution to the board (more than 3 years of service), Recent contributions to the board (the past 3 years of service), business and community contributions.


This is an individual award presented for the work of an individual, not the company, and will be presented to one of these three individuals: (1) An Affiliate Member (not company); or (2) A company’s Affiliate Representative (not company); or (3) An Allied Member (not company).


2021 - Sam Saad

2020 - BJ Cottrell

2019 - Will Dukes

2018 - Kelly Brewer

2017 - BJ Cottrell

2016 - Holly Harmon

2015 - Darline Hillard

2014 - Jeff Grant

2013 - Holly Harmon

2012 - Will Dukes

2011 - Lisa Winters

2010 - Chuck Kansy