Are You A Leader? A 3-Minute Candid Self-Assessment

You do not need a title to be a leader. If you can create an inspiring vision of the future, enroll others in achieving that vision and motivate and inspire people to perform at their peak to achieve that vision you can be a leader.  Take a few minutes to complete the assessment below to identify your current level of leadership and identify areas on which to focus to up your leadership.

Consider your typical behavior as you answer these questions. You will get the most accurate picture if you are mercilessly honest and go with your immediate response vs. spending a lot of time pondering each statement.

Please consider the following when analyzing your results:

  • View your scores as a baseline. You can self-assess in the future – or have others anonymously rate you at a later date.

  • Leadership is tough. Achieving the highest rating in each of the four areas is rare and something to which you can aspire.   You certainly want to be better than “ok.” Each of the areas is equally important and taken together they are all about extraordinary leadership.

  • Pay the same degree of attention to your strengths as you do to areas in need of improvement. Find ways to leverage what you do well. 

  • Identify two or three specific actions you will take to become a more effective leader and complete the assessment again in 4 to 6 weeks.