Online assessment demo

Do you want to know all about our online assessment tool? Do you want to know if we can support your use case? Just schedule a skype meeting or conference call and we'll give you a free demo and determine with you if our system can solve your question. 

Use case

We first start by asking you a lot of questions about your use case. What's the purpose of your assessment. What's your target audience. How are you going to distribute your test? 


Then we cover the basics. How to create an exam. How to setup your categories and add some questions. We explain the difference between single and multiple axis assessments. 

Results & Stats

Then we show you the results and stats section. Which data do we provide, how to export the results. 

User management

We show you our user management. Which info do you need from your users? This is the place to set this up. 

Schedule a demo

Send us an email with your phonenumber and describe your use case and we'll contact you.

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