EA Consultants Market Research Needs Assessment: What type of market research is right for you

Take EA Consultants' market research quiz to identify the ideal market research methodology for your needs.

This 5-minute assessment will give you some initial feedback on the type of market research that might be most appropriate for your organization, based on your needs and current internal capacity. We hope to have the opportunity to discuss these results with you, so that we can work together to create a market research approach that will obtain the results you need both efficiently and effectively.

EA Consultants approaches market research strategically. We recognize that asking the right questions in the right way is crucial not only to answer the organization’s immediate questions, but also to identifying new challenges and opportunities. We specialize in creating tailored and flexible research tools. Our specialized Mobile Data Unit can implement qualitative and quantitative data collection methodologies such as stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and in-person or remote surveys to find answers to the questions your organization wants answered. We analyze this data practically and succinctly to ensure relevant and actionable results. We can also support capacity-building within organizations that can allow them to internalize market research functions and use results effectively.

This assessment is your first step to determining your market research needs. Please create an account with QuizWorks to receive your results at the end of the assessment.  Please contact Barbara Magnoni with your results: bmagnoni@eac-global.com.