Assessment of English Language for Effective Everyday Communication

This assessment is for you to check your own proficiency in English for everyday communication. As India is a country of non-native speaker in the English language, most of us have are still learning or have picked up incorrect usage, phrases, and grammar. This quiz is not meant to check your vocabulary or the kind of English expected of authors. It checks how effectively you can communicate in simple, clear English, with minimum errors and without local Indian influence in usage. Some usage that is unique to India but now accepted by native English speakers is also considered correct by this quiz.

Don't worry about the result. Even native English speakers make many mistakes. Try answering as naturally and honestly as you can. Pick the option that you would pick even when you didn't have other options to compare with.

Read each question carefully before picking the best option. Click the answer carefully; you will not get a second chance to change your selection.

Enjoy the Quiz!