Create assessments that are fun tot play and offer an engaging experience for your audience

Test your user on any device

With our tool you can test you users on any device 

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones 

Lots of question types to choose from 

Whether you want to use images as anserw or as a part the question, we have any question type you might need. And if not, you can always contact us to let us create a custom question type that suits your needs. 

  • Text questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Image questions
  • Multiple right answers 

Advanced game statistics and rankings 

Learn more about your client of player with our assessments. View results per player and get overall stats. Yes, you want that ;-) 

  • Detailed results of each player
  • Export your results and statistics  

Rich tools and sharing

We offer a rich set of tools to make your quiz, exam or assessment fit your need. You'll be able to integrate it in your own website with our easy to use embed tool. Users can share the test, so you can reach easily a bigger audience. 

  • Customize look & feel
  • Emded in your own website
  • Social sharing tools 


Getting started

Getting started with our tool is actually as simple as counting up to three. Our interface is designed to give you an easy and pleasurable expercience. It makes you smile. Mark our words ;-) 

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