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Quiz ideas & examples

Sometimes the best way to get creative.... is to copy-paste!  : )   Please use the example quizzes below to your advantage and feel free to steal all elements you like.

Gamified Quiz

A gamified quiz about Game of Thrones with a full page background picture:

If you see anything you'd like to create, and you're not sure how to do this, don't hesitate to send us an email at support@onlinequizcreator.com and just mention the example you're referring to?

General Knowledge Quiz

Every month we try to publish our own general knowledge quiz, named the Knowly quiz. It's a fun general knowledge quiz where you learn essential and very non-essential stuff about the world around us. Click here for an overview of general knowledge quizzes.


A quiz to test your most basic knowledge of HTML. Great way for beginners to see if reading all these fora really adds up to ready knowledge about html. Click here to play the HTML Quiz

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