How do I tag the questions of my Exam?

By adding Tags to the questions of your Exam, you can keep scores to certain subcategories within the test.
Here you will find the instructions how to set up Tags and use them for your questions:

Some Exams might cover several subjects that are combined together in one test which will generate a general over-all score at the end of the test.
If you would 'tag' each question with a certain label, the system can also generate a score per category.

This is how you can tag the questions of your Exam.

Creating Tags for your Questions

When you go to the Exams - tab in the Dashboard of your account, you will find a list of your Exams (if you've already created some exams that is... 😉) and on the right top of your screen there is a button named "categories" (next to "create new exam"):

To start creating the tags for your exam, click on "categories":

This is where you can enter the names for your category/tag. You can basically add as many tags as you'd like by clicking the "+ Add category" button.

Just as an example, we have created some Tags named "Skills", "Knowledge" and "Experience".

Adding Categories to your Questions

Now you can add these Tags to the questions of your Exam.
Please find the available Tags at the bottom of every Question - screen. You can tag a question with as many labels as you'd like, including not tagging it at all... 😅

Once you've used tags for your questions, the system will be able to generate a score for each of those.

Scores per Category on the Result page of your test

When a user has finished taking your Exam, they will be able to see their score at the Result Page. This will include both a total score & the score per tag.

( If you would like to take this Exam and see the result for yourself, just follow this link: )

Reviewing the scores per category in the ANALIZE section

You, as the administrator, can review your users' scores from the Dashboard of your account, under "Analyze" in the menu of your Exam.

You can review the scores of a particular user by clicking on "View Details":

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