How do I import questions to my quiz?

Do you have a lot of questions you want to add?

With an import you can upload a lot of quiz questions in one go.
Please find an example .csv file with the correct structure for the import to work correctly attached to this article.

Just keep the top-row unchanged and enter your content below in the specified columns. And you should be good to go!  : )

This is how you should add your content to the columns:
Question  > enter the Questions here (one question per row)
Answer_1  > enter the correct answer here
Answer_2  > enter another answer here (if your question has 2 or more correct answers, these should be the first ones listed)
Answer_3 to answer_10  > enter the other answers here
Correct_answers  >  enter the amount of correct answers here (normally this would be "1", but it can be any other number)

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you bump into any problems along the way. We'll help you out!

Are you having difficulties with importing questions to your quiz?

The most common reason why uploads fail is that the CSV is not in a UTF-8 format. You can set your Excel to save CSV files as UTF-8 in the following way:

  1. Go to "Save as" and select the dropdown "Extra" and then select "Weboptions"
  2. The go to "Encoding" tab and set it to UNICODE UTF-8

Please note that Excel on MAC cannot save in UTF-8 (nobody knows why). A simple work-around is uploading the file to Google Docs and then downloading it as a CSV file, it will then automatically have a UTF-8 encoding.

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