How Online Examination System Works

Our online test generator will help you creating your online exam. You’ve decided to give an online examination. Now you’re wondering which steps to follow to accomplish that. Good question! This article will you show a small overview that you will have to take for putting on an online examination.

How online examination system works

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Find an online examination software

The first step you’ll have to take is to find online examination system. You can surf on the Internet and see different kinds of online examination systems around. You can start with our user-friendly Exam Builder to create your online exam J

Set up the exam

It’s easy to get started with our online examination system. First you are able to write a short introduction. In this introduction you can write what participants can expect from your exam. After that, you can add questions (multiple choice, fill in the blanks or free text). To make your exam more lively, you can add an image, audio or video. An explanation of the answer will be shown after you’ve made the exam. The creator is able to set a time limit for the whole exam or per question. You may want to read more about how to write online exams.

Share the exam

You can decide the start date and the end date (including hours) for your participants to have access to the exam. After you’ve created the exam, it gives you the chance to put it online. By sharing the URL, participants are able to click on the link that will lead them to the exam.

Evaluate and track progress

After participants made the exam, the creator is able to view the progress of participants. You’re able to view the statistics per user or get an overall view of the performance of the group. Read more about the difference between a test and an exam.

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