Self-Paced learning meaning

What is self-paced learning? What is the definition and what does self-paced learning exactly mean? Improve your memory and make your tests whenever you want? Is self-paced learning the solution?

With self-paced learning, participants can take the time they need and set their own schedule instead of working within a structure that was set for them by an instructor. Now that you know the definition of self-paced learning, let's take a look at the benefits of self-paced learning.

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Advantages of self-paced learning

Self-paced learning comes with several advantages that will enhance the performance of participants. We list the main benefits below:

No time pressure

Some individuals might have a photographic memory and only need to skim through the material once, whereas others might need to review it a few times to truly understand the content. With self-paced learning the time pressure that exists during live classrooms is lifted. Students that require more time no longer need to scramble through content and frantically scribble notes. The benefit of determining one's own pace also benefits the quick learners who might become bored if they have to wait until they can move on with the rest of the group. 

 No need for a schedule

‘When do I have time for this?’ In the way that all the trees prevent a hiker from seeing the forest, it is common for learners to get overwhelmed by managing all of the small steps within a certain amount of time. But not anymore! Self-paced learning makes it possible for participants to see the big picture from the start and then structure their work in their own time. Even if a deadline is set for a course, students can decide for themselves when they will schedule their exam. It’s even possible for them to pause their test and continue the next day. Self-paced learning will help them see the trees again.

Improves memory

Since participants have no time pressure, their memory performance will improve. What’s better than that? The point of a quiz is not only to complete it as accurately as possible (although for some students it may seem so), but to also absorb the information that is given. One could even argue that the latter is more important. Let’s hope students will see that as well!

Suitable for different learning styles

Participants have different learning styles. While one individual is just understanding the first sentence, another person could be almost finished with the task. People who prefer to complete the material quickly will not have to wait for others.  Conversely, there are some people who might prefer to review the material multiple times to improve their performance. With self-paced learning you make it possible for your participants to adapt to their different learning styles. This will not only make you, as a teacher or employer happy, but also your participants, which kills two birds with one stone. ;)

Self-paced learning and our LMS

Quizzes, exams, assessments, and courses can be self-paced with our LMS. Therefore, if you don’t want to schedule a traditional test or course, self-paced learning is a perfect option. Not only can you foster self-paced learning, but you can also set a deadline for your participants in the amount of time they should finish their task. There is also an option give participants multiple attempts at the task. 

Self-paced learning is a good option to improve scheduling issues and makes it possible to learn at one's own pace. To sum things up: it is a solution for many problems!

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