Self-Paced learning meaning

What is self-paced learning? What is the definition and what does self-paced learning exactly mean? Improve your memory and make your tests whenever you want? Is self-paced learning the solution?

With self-paced learning you can make your own decisions instead of answering questions within a certain amount of time, participants are able to answer questions within the time that is needed for them. Each participant can decide what time is needed to answer the questions. Now you know the definition of self-paced learning, let's take a look at the benefits of self-paced training.

Self Paced Learning meaning

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Advantages/benefits of self-paced learning

There are several advantages that will enhance the performance of participants. Here are some benefits listed below:

No time pressure

‘There is not much time left to answer your question’ becomes ‘Keep calm, carry on and take your time!’ With self-paced learning there is no need to check the time constantly. Students can easily fail under time pressure. For example, students have their own reading level and if they do not have enough time to fill in the right answers, they could give the wrong answer. With self-paced learning students have the amount of time that is needed for them to answer the questions.

 No need for a schedule

‘When do I have time for this?’ This is a common thought of a learner – to not see the woods for the trees- but not anymore! Self-paced training makes it possible for participants to answer the questions in their own time, so there is no need for participants to be ready at certain time. There is a possibility to set a deadline for your course. For example; the course needs to be done within in a week. It’s especially easy for teachers who give their students the ability to schedule their own time. Students can decide by themselves when they will schedule the quiz. It’s even possible to pause your test and to continue the next day. Self-paced learning will help you see the trees again.

Improves memory

Because participants have no time pressure, the memory performance will improve. What’s better than that? The idea of a quiz is not only to make the task as good as possible -although for some students it may seem so-, but it is even more important that participants will memorize the information that is given. Let’s hope students will see that as well!

Suitable for different learning styles

There are different learning styles among the participants. While you are just understanding the first question, the other person is almost finished with the task. People who prefer to finish the quiz fast, don’t have to wait for others. There are some people who may prefer to make the quiz once again, because they want to improve their performance. With self-paced learning you make it possible to adapt to different learning styles. This will not only make teachers or employers happy, but also the participants, which will kill two birds with one stone ;)

Self-paced learning and our LMS

Quizzes, exams, assessments and courses can be self-paced with our LMS. So if you don’t want to schedule a classical test, self-paced learning is a perfect option. You can set a deadline for your participants in what amount of time they should finish their task. There is also an option to do your task multiple times.

Self-paced learning is a good option to improve schedule issues and makes it possible to learn at your own pace. To sum things up: a solution for many problems!

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