Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning

What's the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning? What do synchronous and asynchronous exactly mean?

New technology is taking over the traditional classroom. This new system is called e-learning.  E-learning can be divided into two categories: synchronous and asynchronous learning. Hopefully you will know the differences after reading this article. :)

Synchronous vs asynchronous learning

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What is the definition of synchronous learning?

Synchronous learning involves online studies that are conducted with the aid of chat rooms. This kind of learning can only happen online. Online communication helps your learners stay in touch with their teacher and fellow students. It’s called synchronous learning because the system allows students to ask their teacher or fellow students questions instantly through instant messaging.

What is asynchronous learning?

On the other hand, we have asynchronous learning. This method can be carried out online and offline. Asynchronous learning involves coursework delivered by web, email, and message boards that are posted in online forums. Students do not have access to instant messaging through this online forum. A benefit of asynchronous learning is that you’re able to be self-paced.

So, what’s the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning

A significant difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning is instant messaging and immediate feedback. With synchronous learning, learners can receive immediate feedback from their fellow students or teacher through instant messaging. Asynchronous learning doesn’t enable that type of interaction. If someone has trouble answering the questions, they're not able to ask for help straight away. Then again, with asynchronous learning you can be self-paced, which is not possible with synchronous learning. 

Synchronous learning

For example, as a student, you have to watch a lecture at a certain time. You are able to interact with your students about the answers. The teacher is also able to read your answers immediately and to interact with the students during this lecture. The type of lecture has to be given online.

Asynchronous learning

On the other hand, imagine you are able to watch the lecture at your own pace. You’re unable to discuss your answers with your classmates in real time. This type of lecture can be given offline. 


Asynchronous learning is the only method that can be used with our LMS. You can get immediate feedback from the system itself, but it does not enable interactions between teacher and student over instant messaging. For example, participants can follow a course that ends with a comprehensive exam. Easy LMS can give them immediate feedback based on their exam answers but it does not allow them to instant message with their instructor while reviewing the material. 

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