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Assessment tool

Create assessments with our easy to use assessment tool. You can create simple Single Axis assessments or sophisticated Multi Axis assessments and grade your users over different categories. 

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Online Course Builder

With our course builder software you can combine most of our products to create beautifull online learning experiences. You can create your own course, embed your content, video's and images. Have your players practice with a practice questions. In the end you can give them a real test, and if they succeed, automatically send them a certificate. 

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Quiz Creator

Create engaging quizzes with our Quiz Creator. With our gamified Play Strike Pro algoritm your users will really engage with your questions. They will play the quiz over and over again to reach the highest score on the leaderboard. 

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Exam Builder

Do you want to test your students or employees? Create an exam or test with our online exam builder and have them put some sweat in to your questions to see if they can succeed. You can even send them automatically a certificate when they pass the test. Creating exams and test has never been more easy!

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