REALTOR® Rising Star

Runs until Feb 12, 2023

Runs until Feb 12, 2023


Recognizes a new REALTOR® member (minimum of 1 year of membership but no more than 3 years from 12/31/2022) who has regularly attended and is an active participant on committee/task forces, serving as a role model for other new members.


  • A REALTOR® member of at least one year, but no more than three.
  • Nominations are to reflect a member’s work in the specified awards’ year.
  • Is an active participant in at least one committee of the association.
  • Attends at least one association General Membership meeting.
  • Is an RPAC investor.


2021 - Allisa Pipes

2020 - Sara Brand

2019 - Ron Coburn

2018 - PJ Smith

2017 - James Hinson

2016 - Michael York

2015 - Barry Hoey