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Online assessment tool for teachers

Why should teachers use this tool? Why is using assessment for your students so important? This article will explain why and hopefully, you will try it yourself at the end of reading this article. Have a look at what we have to say about an online assessment tool for teachers.

Online assessment tool for students

How can you find out if your students are enjoying your classes, learning what you are teaching them, and therefore, be able to improve your own teaching methods? Read more.

Online employee assessment tool

How can you use our tool to conduct tests when deciding between candidates for your job opening? Read more.

Pre-employment assessment tool

When hiring and recruiting new people for a job position in an organization, pre-employment assessments can be administered with the purpose of learning more about your candidates’ personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and provide recruiters with the knowledge on how to better position them in an organization. Read more.

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