Online assessment tool for students

How can you find out if your students are enjoying your classes, learning what you are teaching them, and therefore, be able to improve your own teaching methods? 

That’s possible with an online assessment tool. But what is an assessment and what's the importance of assessing students?

Online assessment tool for students

According to the Glossary of Education Reform, “in education, the term assessment refers to the wide variety of methods or tools that educators use to evaluate, measure, and document the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of students.”

So, you can use our online assessment tool to create a survey for your students after teaching them about a specific topic or subject. What makes our tool so great for students?

Fully responsive

Our tool is set up to be 'fully responsive', which means that your test(s) will look awesome and work beautifully on all sorts of devices - including desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

If you have any device with a screen that is connected to the internet: You're good to go! So, you can create an assessment and share the link with your students, and have them take it during class, or at home, using their own devices. You get to see their results and answers and get feedback about how the teaching needs to be improved. That helps you, as a teacher, to "adjust the sails” and adapt to the needs, strengths and weaknesses of your students.

What kind of assessments can you create for your students?

  • Pre-assessments: At the beginning, or before the start of the school/college year or semester, or when teaching a new subject or topic, you can give an assessment like this to learn more about your students. Students are not necessarily expected to know all the material evaluated by pre-assessments. Some examples are: setting up a multiple category assessment to help you identify your students’ learning style. You can find out which of your students are visual, hands-on or auditory learners. Or giving an assessment to discover what they already know about a certain topic that is a pre-requisite for your course or subject, like in placement tests.
  • Formative assessments: Are given during the course or period to determine whether the students are learning and what is their reaction to the material/ instruction offered. They can be given right before an exam, for example, so you can adjust the exam to the current level of knowledge the students have now.
  • Summative assessments: Are used to measure the students’ learning and reaction to what was taught after a specific period - the end of a unit, course, semester or school year, for example. With these, you, as a teacher, can learn how to improve your training for the next period.

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