Pre-employment assessment tool

When hiring and recruiting new people for a job position in an organization, pre-employment assessments can be administered with the purpose of learning more about your candidates’ personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and provide recruiters with the knowledge on how to better position them in an organization.

Assessment tool for pre-employment

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What are pre-employment assessments?

Pre-employment assessments are tests applied with the goal of assessing, or finding out, about a person’s background, experience, personality, preferences, work style, communication style and much more. These types of tests can be helpful when you have a job position that requires certain specific interpersonal skills that can’t be assessed with just a quick face to face interview, especially if you are conducting many interviews a day.

Types of pre-employment assessments

There are different types of pre-employment assessments you can build. Personality tests, created with multiple categories associated with each answer of a question, that generate a certain outcome, can be used to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your test takers and see which candidate is the best fit for a job or position in the company.

Single scale assessments show the results of the test taker inside a scale, from beginner to advanced, for example. Those tests can be used to measure the level of knowledge a potential hire has within his field, or his experience. The results can be compared to help you find the best candidate.

Why use a pre-employment assessment tool?

Although checking your gut or instincts when making hiring decisions is highly recommendable, this gets harder and more complicated as an organization grows and needs to make faster hiring decisions.

A powerful assessment tool allows you to create effective assessments to help you streamline your hiring process and filter out the best candidates for a more in-depth interview later on.

Our pre-employment testing software

With Easy LMS, you can create assessments with multiple categories, that can be used for personality and career tests, and single scale assessments, that can be used for leveling tests.

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