Thriving Minds - Mindfulness & Resilience Awareness Questionnaire

Welcome to Thriving Minds, Mindfulness & Resilience Awareness Questionnaire, (adapted from the Brown & Ryan Mindfulness & Resilience Scale 2003).

The following questionnaire will ask you questions related to mindfulness (the ability to pay attention), productivity (meaning the ability to think and work productively) and broader questions in relation to how you feel about your work and life which will give you an indication of your level of mindfulness and resilience today.

This is not an 'assessment' or 'test'. This is a self awareness tool designed to help you check in with yourself right now. Whether you already feel focused, resilient and happy, or whether you are looking for ways to get some much needed head space in you life, reflecting on the following questions can help to guide future action to increase your own well-being, happiness and success.

This questionnaire can also be a useful tool to help you muster your motivation and set meaningful intentions for your Mindfulness practice.

You will also have an opportunity to repeat the questionnaire at a later date once you have successfully established your personal mindfulness practice. This questionnaire is totally confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than the program facilitator and yourself.

Please take your time to consider the questions carefully and what they may mean to you at work and in your life today.  After the questionnaire is completed you will be emailed with a summary of the results which will assign you one of five categories that relate to how you answered the questions today.  

If you find that your level of mindfulness and resilience is already very high, a regular formal mindfulness practice could further enhance your mindful approach to life.  If you find that your current levels of mindfulness are at the lower end of the scale, the techniques you will learn on the program are designed specifically to enhance your emotional intelligence (a key element of mindfulness), resilience, focus and well-being.