Thriving Minds Questionnaire

How often do you stop to ask yourself how you are feeling physically and mentally and how that is affecting your life inside and outside of work?

The following questionnaire is an opportunity for you to answer 12 short questions related to mindfulness (the ability to pay attention), productivity (meaning the ability to think and work productively) and broader questions in relation to how you feel about your work and life which will give you an indication of your level of well-being, mindfulness and resilience today.

This is not an 'assessment' or 'test'. This is a self awareness tool designed to help you check in with yourself right now. Whether you already feel focused, resilient and happy, or whether you are looking for ways to get some much needed head space in you life, reflecting on the following questions can help to guide future action to increase your own well-being, happiness and success.

This questionnaire can also be a useful tool to help you muster your motivation and set meaningful intentions for your well-being practices in the future.