What is Your Lucid University Archetype?


We've made this fun quiz for potential Lucid University students, to help you determine your Student-Master archetypal makeup.

You can use the results to determine where you should focus your energies and intentions for growth.

Perhaps you'd like to continue to strengthen your natural tendencies and embrace learning opportunities that are in alignment with your highest results.  Or maybe you'd like to balance out an aspect of yourself that can use some focus and nurturing.

Learning opportunities abound at Lucid University Courseweek this year. We invite you to step into aligned vision to arrive at a more holistic version of you!

For Best Results On Your Quiz...

Read the questions once, don’t overthink each possible answer. Simply read them, feel them, and allow the answer that jumps off the page, or that you feel in your body. Don't overthink this.


Have FUN!