What is Your Sales Archetype?

Do you ever wonder why, when Jackie down the street tries a new tactic in her business it works amazing, and when you try it, nothing happens? I’ve been working with small home based business owners for a few years now, and this is a theme that emerges time and time again.

I spent a lot of time trying to identify the source of this discrepancy. All things being equal, why do some things work for one person, and not another? And then it hit me, I realized that small, home based business owners fall into one of THREE different types of selling. 


Which made me think. If there are 3 archetypes of selling, that might mean that Jackie is a Broadcaster so live selling works well for her. But I’m more of a Connector, so trying to sell like a Broadcaster is going to cause me a world of hurt, and it won’t work for me anyway. 

The great thing is, once I started to think more about it, I saw that by identifying as one of these buckets, business owners immediately know which activities will help their businesses, and which ones wont. Which MEANS, you can buy yourself some more time in your day!

If you’re ready to cut your To Do List into shreds and replace it with specific tasks, strategically selected to grow your business, that wont take up your entire day, check out this assessment, and lets see what type of seller you are!

 One last note!

The results will give you a score x out of 22. This isn't a score of right or wrong answers, its the scaling system I used to identify your archetype!