What we do

We are Easy LMS, an international company specialized in the creation of online education technology. With our product you can create effective and fun learning experiences for your employees or students. We provide a formal exam solution, informative course solution, competitive quiz solution, engaging assessment solution, and certification options. You can also set up an Academy, a great way to manage and assign a lot of learning content to groups.

Our learning management system is intuitive, easy to distribute, and super user-friendly. We live up to our name 😉. It’s also our biggest focus: based on user experience, we refine existing features and add new ones.

One of a kind solution for every organization

Our LMS has a great package of features, styling options, and statistical insights that satisfy multiple use cases for internal and external enterprise and educational learning. Features and modules can be tailored to unique customer needs, because we do our own software development. Our LMS is not tied to any specific organization size, it is used globally by SMEs and international corporations too! We are proud that Heineken, Dell, and Sogeti are satisfied customers.

Growing bigger and bigger

At the moment we have over one million happy users in more than 130 countries. We support 24 languages (and counting). We are based in the Netherlands, the beautiful city of Delft to be exact. Our Dutch roots are apparent in our eye for the smallest details, and our hardworking attitude. With our second office in South America, we add a Latin twist to the mix.

Our team of 21 members constantly strives to improve the service we provide, and works hard on the future of learning! Excellent support is available more than 14 hours a day. Want to get in touch with us? Meet our team members!


We are a one of a kind company. We have a clear vision about what kind of company we want to be (and hope we are):

  • Honest and transparent
    We are open-minded and direct. We say what we think, and we do what we say. You can count on us.
  • Warm and hospitable
    To customers and (new) colleagues. We are friendly people that maintain the relationships we build. No matter where you live or work, we’ll send virtual hugs 😉.
  • Happy
    We want our customers and team members to be happy. Happy with the product. Happy with the service we offer. If our team members are satisfied with their work, they can achieve more. Which leads to more happy customers.
  • Growing
    Never stop learning is our motto. You can learn every day. With each other. From each other. Making mistakes isn’t failure. It is a new moment to learn.
  • Proud
    We are proud of what we do. We don’t brag about it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t speak about it. We spread the word via social media, and to our friends and family.
  • Calm
    We have clear priorities and stick to them. We don’t do overtime. We minimalize interruptions so that everyone can focus on getting things done. This doesn’t mean we don’t joke around 😉. Read more about how we create a good balance between effort and relaxation  

Easy LMS is a journey that never stops, and we like that 😊. We dream big, and act even faster. We upgrade our software weekly with small improvements and great new features. Always based on customer needs. We listen carefully to customers; they are not outsiders, but part of our business. Their experiences, mixed with our ideas, ensure that we can grow.

Jeroen Guldemond, CEO / Founder asy LMS Jeroen Guldemond CEO / FounderEasy LMS

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