Online employee assessment tool

How can you use our tool to conduct tests when deciding between candidates for your job opening? Simple. Instead of only trustring your gut (although we highly recommend that as well) or spending countless hours interviewing people, or conducting paper tests that have to be graded manually, you can simply create exams and assessments to learn more about your candidates with our online employee assessment tool.

Assessment tool for employees

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Online exams for hiring new employees

If you need to fill a position in which technical knowledge is pre-requisite, but hard to assess, you can create an online exam and give it to your candidates, who can take it in your company, using your computers, or at home, using their own devices.

With our Exam test format, it’s possible to choose between a variety of question types, including multiple choice, fill in the blanks, questions with videos, audios, images, free text (essays) etc... The exam is graded automatically (except the free text questions) and you can see the results immediately.

If you are working with multiple candidates and want to avoid cheating, it’s possible to create a big question bank from which the system will pull a selected number of questions, so every test taker gets a different set of questions. You can also add a timer to your exams, set a specific date & time in which they are available, restrict the access to a specific group of people (with a unique link and password generated by the system) and much much more.

Using online assessments to learn more about your candidates

So, how can you use our online assessment tool for hiring new employees?

Some job positions require more interpersonal qualities than technical skills (those can perhaps be acquired later). To measure that, besides interviewing your candidate to learn more about him or her, you can also have them take an Assessment.

Assessments can be used to determine personality types, learning styles, working styles and much more. And they work differently from exams. While people take exams with the goal of passing them, assessments can generate different outcomes, or results, that can help you, as recruiter, learn more about the candidate and that are not necessarily “wrong” or “bad”. Based on their answers, you can determine which candidates are a good fit for the job position or company culture (or both). This can narrow down your pool of choice and help you determine the best candidates.

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