Meet Intercom, our Concierge Owl

We want to give our clients the best customer experience they’ve ever had. But we can’t do that by ourselves. We need help. Meet our Concierge Owl: Intercom. This support platform opens the door to our clients.

our Concierge Owl
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How can I help you? At Easy LMS, we try to leave the lines of communication open. Anytime, anywhere. As Support Owls, we try to make ourselves unnecessary whenever possible. With Intercom, we can. This customer support platform makes it possible to get in touch with us or easily search for an answer and solve common issues without our help. How does it work, and what options do you have if you want to get in touch with us?

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a customer support platform whose most recognizable feature is a chatbox in the bottom right corner of your screen. Maybe you recognize me from the fun welcoming video. I wave at you there ๐Ÿ‘‹! It also offers more features, such as the Help Center, where we put articles to help you use our product and chatbots that allow for interaction without the need for a support owl.

How do we handle support tickets?

We are always here to rescue you.

Our product is super easy and intuitive to use according to ourselves and lots of our clients. Nevertheless, it could be the case that you have issues using our product. We don’t blame you, of course. If you need help, you can send us a message through the chat. Our answer bot will give you some self-help options and the option to ask a question to the team. Remember: we are always here to rescue you.

But first, you will be offered some articles that might answer your question. These articles address the most frequently asked questions. Couldn’t this information help you out? Then start a conversation with one of our team members. You will be able to see the average response time (based on historical data for answering questions asked at that time and day of the week). We always let you know when to expect an answer. If our offices are closed, it will be the next day (or on Monday when you request help on the weekend).

From the Support Owl perspective, we receive all messages (including emails) in our support desk, and answer them as they come, whenever possible. We try to prioritize the clients who have asked questions first. Depending on the complexity of your problem, we may need to do some digging/investigating before we can you an answer.

Self-service options

Intercom also provides self-service options, such as a Help Center and automated answer bots, which I already mentioned. But how and why were these smart answer bots developed? Brian, one of our Support Owls, explains:

All or our bots are available to answer you in 10 languages

“With our growing number of customers, the need for more support rose. We needed more people, but also more availability. The customized bots were created to address these issues, as these bots interact with customers and visitors.

These bots are not limited to support, however, but simply try to provide the best user experience. Even people who do not know which subscription level they need can find out after interacting with the bots. The main bot uses an assessment based on a complicated question tree to determine the best subscription level for you. All of our bots are available to answer you in 10 languages!”

Our email onboarding campaign

Intercom also has an email platform that allows us to create a user onboarding campaign for our clients when they create a free trial account. This onboarding campaign consists of a series of emails sent to new subscribers. These emails are sent as soon as someone creates a trial account and throughout the trial to help new clients make the most out of Easy LMS.

We can send more targeted messages to our clients, which helps them see how Easy LMS can help them reach their specific goals more quickly.

Anna - Implementation Consultant

A great inspiration was the ProdPad onboarding campaign strategy. We tried to copy their approach to divide user personas between engaged and unengaged and send them emails based on behavior.
Our onboarding campaign is a work in progress, but it has improved a lot since we gave it more attention. Anna, one of our Support Owls who work hard ๐Ÿ’ช on our email onboarding campaign comments:

“Before using Intercom, we would send out the same three messages at the same time to all users when they signed up for a trial. Since we were unaware of their activity and how they were using our tool, it was only possible to send out generic emails! Now, we can send more targeted messages to our clients, which helps them see how Easy LMS can help them reach their specific goals more quickly.

Intercom also helps us track the reception of our emails. Building an onboarding campaign has definitely been a learning process, and Intercom’s A/B tests have been our guiding light. They allow you to compare the percentage of users that open your email, click on a link in your email, and who has reached the goal of the email (e.g., make their first Exam)." 

Support at Easy LMS - a work in progress

Improving our product, our in-person support, and self-service options is a work in progress. We consider the feedback from our clients and fellow colleagues to create a good user experience and work experience for everyone. But some tasks cannot be automated.

So what do you think? Was this article written by a bot? ๐Ÿ˜‰